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Vinyl flooring, also known as resilient, is a comfortable, durable floor covering which can be cushiony to walk on and it can be warm underfoot. Traditionally, it has been found in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry room areas because it is a practical, functional and fashionable option in today’s active households. But thanks to innovations in design and performance, resilient flooring is at home in any room of your home.

New generation vinylVinyl flooring offers many advantages: selection, styling, ease of maintenance and value! There have been great advancements in styling and technology which have changed vinyl floors forever. Vinyl flooring can now realistically imitate the look and textures of real resilient, stone and wood grain patterns. These replicas have such amazing realism it is difficult for most people to tell whether it's the real thing or not.

As you move up in the vinyl price range there are many benefits. In terms of product selection alone, more versatile patterns, colors and textures will be available to you. When talking about performance, premium wearlayers offer superior resistance to stains, scuffs and scratches. Some premium wearlayers are enhanced with aluminum oxide, which provides exceptional resistance to scratching. More importantly, these wearlayers make cleaning up a breeze. As you move up the price range, you may notice that you will get enhanced performance constructions, designed to protect your floor from rips, tears, gouges and permanent indentations.

Vinyl PlankWhen selecting a vinyl pattern, you want to consider the size of the room and the size of the pattern. The decorating rule of thumb applies to vinyl flooring in relation to room size and color. Lighter colors will make a smaller room appear larger, while darker colors will absorb the light and create a more intimate setting. When it comes to vinyl flooring pattern sizes, a smaller pattern works well in small areas or where the pattern will be visually interrupted with pieces of furniture or a kitchen island. Keep in mind that larger flooring patterns can sometimes actually visually expand a room. When selecting a pattern, remember that vinyl is like wallpaper in that there are pattern repeats. This can create excessive waste but is necessary to properly match the pieces together.

Vinyl flooring comes in a selection of gloss levels to suit your needs. In general, the lower the gloss level, the more forgiving your floor will be to the daily wear of foot traffic. This is something to consider when choosing the gloss level.

Rediscover vinyl/resilient flooring as a fashionable flooring solution for any room in your home.

Specialty Resilient Products

Perhaps you want something truly unique and outside the mainstream. There are four different and distinct products that are in a class by themselves to create a special atmosphere in your home.

Linoleum. Today’s linoleum has enjoyed renewed popularity because it is made of natural ingredients. These natural ingredients include linseed oil, cork, limestone, wood flour and tree resins.

Linoleum is a quiet, warm surface that cushions your feet and requires minimal maintenance, although it may scuff or mark if not kept well polished. Its main enemy is dirt or sand that can be ground into the surface so sweeping and using mats or rugs minimizes the effects. Linoleum can be wiped with water but should not be left wet.

Vinyl Custom FloorRubber Flooring can be purchased in a wide selection of handsome colors to match your home décor and is available in either sheet or tile form.

The benefits of Rubber floors are plentiful: it is extremely durable, virtually indestructible, quiet and warm to walk on and if you are on your feet a lot, great to work on. It is also very good at resisting dents and stains and its waterproof surface has an anti-slip finish.

Rubber flooring is relatively expensive and should be installed by an experienced installer for maximum performance.

Specialty Resilient flooring is a relatively new product made of vinyl and aluminum oxide resulting in a lightweight, durable floor that puts less strain on your back and legs. This product is available in residential grades and comes in many patterns and designs based on stone, granite, marble and exotic wood grains. Just imagine the possibilities in your home. Basic product sizes are 16" x 16" and 17" x 17". Certain types of specialty resilient flooring can even be grouted to virtually guarantee the resilient tile look.

Perhaps some of these flooring choices have caught your fancy and will capture a special place in your home.

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